Kutsu jokirannassa soi

Kutsu jokirannassa soi

Kutsu jokirannassa soi

Restaurant Valdemari - The call of the river bank

Summer on the river bank t any time of the year, the local restaurant Valdemari is home to an easy going mood.

When the frosts have gone, you can drop in and relax on our welcoming terrace to admire Lapland`s fantastic views. And when the midnight sun is shining the whole night long, what a better place to be than our sun terrace?


Valdemari summer specials

• the only riverside terrace by the Ounaskoski falls

• live outdoor music


Winter fun Round the tables at Valdemari you`ll find company and and wonderful local delicacies: there are savouries and nibbles to suit everybody`staste.

And then it`s smartly to your feet for Finnish dancing.


Traditional northern culture

In earlier times from the banks of the great Kemijoki waterway, vast rafts of logs used to be floated downriver. This work brought with groups of itinerant workmen with a cheerful and easy going disposition the likes of which survives at Valdemari to this day. Fun and singing are welcomed, even expected at Valdemari

The easiest way to get to Valdemari from the centre of Rovaniemi is by heading across the Jätkänkynttilä bridge. Valdemari is just by the bridge, next to the beach.


Welcome to the unique atmosphere of Valdemari.