Tunnelmallinen ruoka- ja tanssiravintola Valdemari


Tunnelmallinen ruoka- ja tanssiravintola Valdemari


Tunnelmallinen ruoka- ja tanssiravintola Valdemari

The atmospheric restaurant Valdemari

Delicious oven fresh burgers, pizzas and hot wings as well as à la carte.

Cozy Christmas Party settings.

In summer you can enjoy resfreshments at the sunny riverside terrace.



Salads are in two size: starter or main course. All salads include cucumber, tomatoes and roasted cashew nuts on a herb-lettuce mix.

Warm goat cheese salad 8,50€/13,90€

Grilled goat cheese and strawberries with balsamico and devil’s jam.

Salmon salad 


Grilled salmon, chili marinated prawn, capers and marinated red onion with citron vinaigrette.

Chicken salad


Grilled chicken, fresh pineapple, marinated red onions, herb mayonnaise and devil’s jam.


Valdemari Classics

Hunter’s bread  15,00€

Breaded pork cutlet and creamy forest mushroom sauce on a slice of toasted bread. Served with a green salad.


Minute steak  15,00€

Grilled thin pork fillet, vegetables and fries with seasoned butter.

Hot Wings

Served with garlic mayonnaise and blue cheese sauce.

12 pc 10,00€ 18 pc 14,50€

Extra fries 4€

Extra dip sauce 1,50€

(garlic mayonnaise, harissa mayonnaise, chili mayonnaise, herb mayonnaise or blue cheese sauce)


All burgers include our own burger bun, tomato, marinated red onion and lettuce. Served with fries and garlic mayonnaise. We serve beef burgers medium. Well done on request.

Cheese burger 14,00€

150g beef burger, cheddar cheese, lime ketchup and harissa mayonnaise.

Blue Cheese burger 15,50€

150g beef burger, blue cheese, roasted beetroot and herb mayonnaise.

Salmon burger 15,50€

Grilled salmon fillet, rucola and herb mayonnaise.

Chicken burger 15,50€

120g grilled chicken fillet, goat cheese, smoked sweet pepper ketchup and garlic mayonnaise.

Chili burger 16,90€

150g beef burger, cheddar cheese, grilled chorizo, jalopenoketchup and chili mayonnaise.

Cruisers burger 16,90€

150g beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon and bearnaise mayonnaise

Veggie burger 16,90€

Beyond Meat burger, cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, harissa mayonnaise and barbeque ketchup. Can be served vegan.

Sweet potato fries +1,5€

Gluten free burger bun +1€

Beyond meat burger +2€



Valdemari 14,50€

Smoked reindeer, champignon, paprika, blue cheese and pineapple.

Kohmelo Special (hot) 14,50€

Mexicana-sauce, ham, salami, onion, blue cheese and pineapple.

Quatro Stagioni 13,50€

Ham, champignon, shrimps and pineapple.

Opera special 13,00€

Ham, tuna fish and salami.

Parma 15,00€

Mozzarella, tomato, goat cheese. Topped with rucola, air dried ham and balsamico.

Lumber jack (hot) 15,00€

Ham, salami, smoked reindeer, egg, mexicana sauce and garlic mayonnaise

Veggie pizza 13,00€

Sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese. Topped with rucola and balsamico

Fantasia, 4 toppings 14,50€

Fantasia, 2 toppings 12,50€

extra toppings 1,30€

Pineapple, sun dried tomato, champignon, jalapeno, cheese,

shrimps, ham, mexicana sauce, egg, paprika, red onion, bacon, rucola, salami,

smoked reindeer, blue cheese, mozzarella, goat cheese, tomato,

tuna fish, garlic, balsamico, air dried ham, chicken, devil’s jam.



Chocolade Fondant 7,80€

with vanilla ice cream

Ice cream

1 ball 4,50€ 2 balls 6,50€

Includes 1-2 ice cream balls of your choice. (Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, rasberry sorbet or coconut ice cream.)

Served with whipped cream and sweet sauce. (Berry, chocolate, licorice or caramel sauce.)

with a Belgium waffle +4 €


Chicken skewers with fries DF,GF 7,50€

Cheese burger and fries 8,90€

80g beef burger, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise.

French fries & dip sauce LF,GF 5,50€